Recipe beauty from vitamin E girls should know

   Vitamin E has antioxidant capabilities and very effective free radicals, it protects cells prevent oxygenation of skin in a maximum performance. 

   Vitamin E helps youthful skin and prevent aging is very strong. Moreover, vitamin E helps smooth skin and bright white. Especially when taking vitamin E with rice wine, rice water, fresh lemon and honey, you will have a mixture of magic lotion, astringent pores, skin whitening effect at home. 
   Formula 1: The skin whitening vitamin E and lemon 
   Raw should be prepared: 
     - Two members of vitamin E 
     - 1/2 fresh lemon 
     - A spoonful of raw honey 
     - A spoonful of rice water 
     - One tablespoon rice wine 
     - Bowls and spoons.
   How to make: 
     - When you wash the rice, wash the rice you ignore the initial water contains more dirt. Then turn to your second country tightens its grip hands for rice bran secrete substances, then pour into a small bowl. Wait water subsides, after 15 minutes, then remove the clear water. 
     - Cut in half lemon, squeezed juice section. 
     - Mix the ingredients into the bowl and stir until a homogeneous mixture. 
   How to use: 
     - Rinse your face with cleanser and warm water to remove dirt and open pores. 
     - Apply the mixture to your face and gently massage your hands for about 5 minutes the mixture penetrates the skin. 
     - Save the mixture on the skin for about 20-30 minutes then rinse with water.
   Applying this formula 2-3 times/week, skin white so gradually, tighten pores without you use cosmetics. 
   Formula 2: How to whiten the skin with vitamin E and aloe vera 
   Raw materials need to be prepared: 
     - Leaf aloe 
     - Grinders or mortars 
     - Knives and cutting boards 
     - Vienna vitamin E 400 IU and Vitamin C 500 mg of pulverized 
     - Oil coconut. 
   How to make:
     - Use antibacterial soap to wash your hands. Cut off the stem of aloe to yellow plastic part flowed out. 
     - Just take the white meat, then cut into pellets as pomegranate seeds. 
     - Let aloe in a blender puree. Then for vitamin E, vitamin C and coconut oil into the blender and then add the mixture to form characteristics.
     - You should be stored in the freezer mixed. But a bottle of the solution should be used within two weeks only. 
   How to use: 

     - After washing your face with cleanser and warm water, rub the mixture onto your skin and then use your hands to gently massage the mixture penetrates the cells. 
     - Just so gentle massage, and then save the mixture on the face about 20-25 minutes, then rinse with water. 
     - Apply this formula three times/week, no need for any facial cosmetic little you still fine white.