Microsoft launched the 5 principles of cloud computing

   CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer said is betting his entire fortune into cloud computing. 
   In a speech to his first at the University of Washington, USA, Ballmer said: "What we must do now is figure out what features true cloud computing. I'll tell you, we are bet our company on it and I also think that most everyone in the tech industry is betting their company on it. " 
   Microsoft has gone after 2 of the computer era, the first being the internet and now the cloud
   Cloud computing (Cloud Computing) is being heralded as the transition next generation combined Internet and computer when applications and content will run on remote servers and accessed by devices connection, including PCs, phones, and televisions rather than software and data stored on a computer or server of an existing business such as this. 
  While providers of cloud computing still spend focus on large customers, there are many individual customers have been using cloud applications like iTunes, Hotmail, Facebook, etc.
   Microsoft also began sell software using cloud computing and cloud computing services like Windows Azure and SQL Azure at the beginning of February and by June is the launch of Microsoft Office 2010 has been customized.
   Ballmer made sketches on 5 principles of cloud computing: 
   1. Create opportunities as well as responsibilities. The fine may be sold, stored software, their applications and online service to customers everywhere. 
  2. Can learn and help you learn and make decisions, take action. 
  3. Improving social relationships and professional social interactions. Facebook and Twitter are examples. 
  4. For these devices more intelligent. Meanwhile, Microsoft is preparing with the Windows Phone 7 Series will go on sale later this year.
  5. Accelerate the progress of the server and vice versa. Companies cloud like Google, Yahoo, Amazon hopes to convince the managers as well as companies hire and run their services in order to contribute to the improvement of services, as well as the development of applications for them. 
   Ballmer also said that at present 70% of Microsoft's workforce is working on cloud computing to serve the 5 criteria that you just mentioned. This figure would be 90% in the following years.

   Cloud computing has earned 46.4 billion dollars in 2008 and rose to about 56.3 billion dollars in 2009, 150.1 billion in 2013 and will continue to grow stronger in the coming time.