Legends Mobile revenue was USD 200 million despite fail lawsuit

   Mobile Legends is one of the mobile games MOBA influential in the world today.

   Riot Games has launched the petition manufacturers of games Mobile Legends Moonton Shanghai Technology Co. Court Central California last year. But immediately lawsuit was rejected because according to the statement of this court, Legends Mobile manufacturers are companies from China, they do not have jurisdiction to resolve. So that Riot has decided to authorize the parent company to sue Tencent Holdings stood out in his court instead Shanghai. The result was announced, Tencent Holdings won the case and received compensation equivalent to the US $ 2.9 million.

   Reside before Tencent Holdings stumble owl will make Mobile Legends affected both in terms of image and sales. But, recently published by Sensor Tower, maker Mobile Legends is Moonton grossed $ 200 million on a global scale since the game officially launched in May 11/2016. In particular, from the US $ 25 million. In fact, Mobile Legends surpassed MOBA game Vainglory to become America's number one in terms of sales since last January.

   In June, sales of Legends Mobile on the App Store and Google Play as well at about 2 million. This figure is almost three times the revenue of 720,000 thousand US dollars from players Arena of Valor, which in Vietnam game is called with the name: Joint Military Mobile. Although successful in the US but the percentage contribution to total revenue of Mobile Gamers Legends from America only 12%. Malaysia is a country to spend money on this game the most, right behind the neighboring countries of Indonesia at the rate of 21% and respectively 19%.

   Also, considering the revenue on the 71% operating systems coming from Android users, compared with 29% overwhelmingly come from iOS users. In March last, Mobile Legends topped sales charts in Malaysia and 2nd after PUBG Mobile in terms of downloads. Obviously, Mobile Legends is a formidable competitor not only of Vainglory that even Union Military Mobile - Arena of Valor also be wary.

   If the market in Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, the mobile games studio MOBA performed by Timi still unique in the "segment". Then in Indonesia, Malaysia and many other countries of the West, the game 1 in mobile MOBA genre is the product development Moonton Shanghai