American parents are paying rent for coach taught me how to play Fortnite

   Parents today do not upset your children play games, they mad at us it played bad. The proof is that they hire coaches - often the professional gamer teaches their children how to play Fortnite.

   When eSports is becoming increasingly common people are starting to invest for your child with tutoring teacher eSports, no different from investing for music teachers, sports or tutoring in the past. Especially with Fortnite, when Epic hanging amount several hundred million dollars, the parents are willing to spend money on "experts" teach their children how to play Fortnite.

   According to The Wall Street Journal, the hiring of "teacher" taught how to play Battle Royale Fortnite price of $ 10-20 / hour to teach their children to become better player no longer rare. Ally Hicks, a parent is very worried because he was 10 years old his son Fortnite play Battle Royale. She did not worry because it played more, but because it played bad. Therefore, she has already spent 50 dollars to buy a lesson online lasted 4 hours for me, because she said that at school, their children under pressure from friends "not just a game, but to play well."

   Meanwhile, the boy has a different concern. "They (friends) would think me cheating or something. Children age 10, too. "

   Nick Mennen, a software engineer, and the boy's father Noble, 12, also spent 20 USD / hour for your child to learn how to play Fortnite 6 hours per month. He began to dream about the day I received a scholarship to play games or bonus from the tournament. Noble former boy occasionally wins, but after the training, he wins a lot more often.

   The cause of this phenomenon in part from Epic Games announced the $ 100 million set aside for the Battle Royale Fortnite eSports tournament. This game is more than 125 million players worldwide, they participate in daily battles with the desired 1vs99 see the words "Victory Royale" on the screen. Some universities have begun awarded funds for good players to participate in their team

   Parents paying for children to learn the game saying it's no different for it to learn basketball or chess. Some sit with the children in the class to monitor and ensure that your coach hires "worth it.".

   One parent said: "I wish them good things they like". So he hired them a good game coach to ask two children to hold their learning outcomes.

   Other parents hired a coach to teach his game with the desire to be better than his son. And of course, we do not want it.

   It is the professional parents, some other parents just set lower targets, such does not die within the first 2 minutes. If you're a professional gamer or simply Fortnite good game, you will earn a lot of money from this training.

   If you want you can train your child. With any luck we will feed you when you retire with the money won in the contest this game.